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Iron Creations and Country Crafts

Iron Creations SignBoth Tom and myself (Brenda) were raised on a farm. We both learned the value of hard work and being self-sufficient. When something broke, we fixed or reused it in another form.

After the last of our 4 children graduated and the many years of running here and there with the social involvement had slowed down, Tom and I were looking for something different. Tom and I are both creative, and I have always had a lifetime love of art and enjoy designing things. For many years, Tom had a need for a plasma machine in the welding and repair shop. One day as I was working in the shop, I got a "wild hair," as Tom would say, and I came to a conclusion, "What if we were to design and reuse items?" That was the start of a new adventure for Tom and myself. Iron Creations and Country Crafts, is all about designing unusual and unique quality pieces of art for people to give as gifts or for businesses to display in the interior or exterior environment settings.

the Switzer'sThis business is one that we enjoy doing together, along with our son Brian. I design the pieces and Brian does much of the free-hand cutting work. IT IS TRULY A FAMILY AFFAIR.

We look forward to providing you with a work of art for your home, business, yard, as a gift, contact us today!



Switzer Welding / Powerlift Hydraulic Doors

Power Lift Hydraulic SignWe have ventured into a new business with our son, Brian and our daughter-in-law, Lindsey.

Located in Neligh, NE., we build Powerlift Hydraulic Doors that are strong, safe and have zero maintenance. There are no moving parts, nothing to wear out nor maintain or adjust, and you lose no headroom.

Hydraulic DoorWe work with you every step of the way. We measure your building, build, deliver and install your new Powerlift Doors.

Recently, NPPD did an article regarding our new business venture. We were very pleased with the article and wanted to share this with our customers.

See what NPPD is talking about and check us out at www.powerliftdoors.com to see if we can help you!

"Brian, Dad and I love the door, it works great! We like the full clearance and speed of the door and it really adds style to the building over traditional doors."

-Sue Frink

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