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Hydraulic Door SignCompany Name: Power Lift Hydraulic Doors and Switzer Welding

Number of new jobs: 1-2    Total employees: 3-4

Product: Manufacturing and Installation of Hydraulic Doors

Market: Farmers, Airport Hangers, Ag Buildings, Garage Doors

Product: Welding Repair Shop that also creates Metal Art Cutouts, Sign Designs and Miscellaneous Furniture mainly from Old Machinery

Market: Farmers, home owners, tourists, business owners

Quote from company: Hydraulic Doors - “We researched other hydraulic door companies and decided to go with Power Lift Hydraulic Doors because of their quality, no maintenance and 10 year warranty. The parent company is located in Benton, MN and has been building the Power Lift Hydraulic Door for over 19 years.” Brian Switzer

Welding Repair & Design - “We started out repairing items for our neighbors over 35 years ago. From there it grew into an on-farm repair shop and 12 years ago we started creating metal cut-outs, sign designs and miscellaneous furniture from old farm equipment. Each item created is unique and individual. They are free-hand designs and are cut out with a hand-held plasma cutter. I guess we’ve been recycling for about 12 years now.” Tom Switzer

Switzers in front of a hydraulic door.Owners: Tom and Brenda Switzer and Brian and Lindsey Switzer

Quote from city/dev corp - “Tom and Brenda have worked together for many years with their welding repair and design business. When their son Brian and his wife Lindsey wanted to come back to the area to raise their family they knew they would need to expand their welding business or diversify in order to support two families. While looking at overhead doors for their welding shop they decided on a hydraulic door and began researching the various manufacturing companies. They were so impressed with the quality of the Power Lift Hydraulic Door and with welding as their main source of livelihood their additional business line presented itself.” Sandy Patton, director, Antelope County Resource Center.


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